About Us

Labor Solutions, Sydney’s leading labour hire specialists, was established in early 2000. The company was one of the first labour hire firms in the state. Since its inception, Labor Solutions has firmly established itself as the NSW leading labour hire company.


Labor Solutions is a continuously growing business who work with exclusive clientele, supplying them with our labour hire services.


Through our many years of experience in the labour hire industry, our knowledge has grown and enabled us to surpass and exceed our services. The company not only supply workers to our clients but also advises them on any updates in the construction industry. Labor Solutions constantly receives information from a variety of sources that include MBA, Work Cover, Australian Business Chambers and more. Due to this information, we are keep up to date with constant changes in the industry.  


At Labor Solutions, we take pride in providing skilled and experienced construction workers for all of your building employment needs. Our expert staff  communicate directly with you from the start.  You can confidently say you are dealing with a hands-on business that delivers the quality construction labour hire wherever and whenever required. Consequently, Labor Solutions gives you individual service, time and time again. In addition to this, we establish and maintain a professional relationship as we go with you from project or job to the next.


Through many years of experience in the industry, Labor Solutions has grown to know what employer’s requirements are. We have established that training is essential. As a result, we know the standards need to be met in order to get your project or job done. 


Labor Solutions knows how important it is to find the best construction workers that will be an asset to your business. Our experience in the building construction industry has expanded our knowledge in working with both employers and employees. Therefore, our aim is to ensure both are satisfied and your project is completed.


‘Your Working Partner’

Every minute counts in your business. We are “your working partner“. Labor Solutions goes the extra mile to make sure no time is wasted and nothing interferes with your company’s day to day running. Furthermore, Labor Solutions knows how important it is to remove distractions and keep your desk free of paperwork. We also understand that your aim is to reduce your costs to a minimum.  Therefore, Labor Solutions not only helps with the provision of staff, but we also provide all of your payroll needs, allowing you to focus on the important task of running your business. We aim to build your trust and confidence to enable you to focus on other parts of your business.


Our main aim at Labor Solutions is to provide the most productive labour hire building and construction workers. We only recommend candidates once they have been researched and qualified. 

Our Team

Labour Hire

Marcelle Hannouche – Managing Director

Marcelle Hannouche

Managing Director

Industry leader, Marcelle Hannouche, leads our highly trained and professional team. Having spent most of her professional life in the Labour Hire industry, Marcelle knows the in’s and out’s of the business like no one else. Her professional, can do attitude, will allow you to feel like you are in capable hands. Marcelle ensures that you get the quality staff that is necessary to get your job done safely and efficiently. Our motto ‘Your Working Partner’ stems from our passion to develop and maintain relationships with our clients and to find out how to find the best match for your needs, saving you the costs involved that is normally associated with the hiring process.
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