Safety On The Construction Site

31 August 2017 Posted By : Marcelle 0 Comments

Construction safety is of paramount importance on any construction site. Construction accidents have increased over the past decade. This trend is partly due to the increase in the housing boom and building trade and thus a significant increase in construction activities. When construction activity increases, so do construction accidents. Work-related deaths in this industry are […]

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How To Get A Job In Construction

25 August 2017 Posted By : Marcelle 0 Comments
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Finding a new job can be a very daunting experience, but starting a new career or making a career move can be harder. Figuring out where to start is the hardest part. Construction is one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors of industry. It is a vast and varied field requiring cooperation between the […]

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2500 Reasons To Stay Safe

17 August 2017 Posted By : Marcelle 0 Comments
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Falling from height is one of the main causes of injury in the NSW construction industry. Over the past four years, more than 2500 workers have fallen from a height on NSW construction sites. Six died, 52 were permanently disabled and more than 300 were off work for over six months. One worker fell from […]

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Construction And The Need For Labour Hire

18 July 2017 Posted By : Marcelle 0 Comments
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The construction industry’s use of labour hire has soared in the past decade.  Previously, labour hire was predominantly used to fill staff shortages when employees were sick or taking leave. Labour hire was also used to replace employees for small and simple positions that did not require too much experience such as data entry and filing officers. In recent […]

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Construction Job Interview Questions

17 July 2017 Posted By : Marcelle 0 Comments
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Construction job interview preparation is just as important as the interview itself. In most cases the amount you prepare for an interview is the difference between getting an offer and being shown the door.  We have compiled some of the most common questions asked during a construction industry interview, to assist you to put together […]

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