Road Safety At Work

Road Safety At Work

Road safety is a very important topic that needs to be discussed on construction, building sites and other places of work. Did you know that the majority of workplace deaths in Australia are caused by driving on roads, to, from and during work hours? According to SafeWork Australia, in 2014, there were 79 public road incidents and a further 47 fatalities involving vehicles.

For many of us, driving is an essential routine daily activity and do not really think abut the risks associated, every time we get behind the wheel or ride as a passenger. It is a sad fact that it takes a collision before the risks of life changing injury become reality.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the type of crash causing fatalities are broken down:

  • Pedestrian accidents – 14%
  • Since vehicle accidents – 44%
  • Multiple vehicle accidents – 42%

The most common causes of work-related vehicle accidents include:

  1. Failure to follow  road traffic rules
  2. Speed
  3. Distraction
  4. Fatigue
  5. Poorly maintained vehicles

Tips for staying safe:

 • Knowledge of work-related vehicle/road safety enables drivers to identify potential risks to their own driving safety and change their driving behaviour accordingly.

• Be an alert, safe and courteous driver.

• Allow adequate time to avoid rushing.

• Be aware of traffic and environmental conditions and drive accordingly.

• Report any vehicle-related risks to your employer.

• On long journeys, take a break every two hours.

• Undertake vehicle circle checks or use a passenger as a spotter when reversing.

Every worker is entitled to arrive home safe from their work day and it is our responsibility to ourselves and others on the road to drive safely. When you are driving, you need to concentrate on everything that is happening on the road. You need to watch for other vehicles, as well as for animals and pedestrians that might get in front of you. You have to watch for bikes and motorcycles that could weave in and out of traffic. Sydney is the most populated cities in the nation, and you will face a number of these sorts of encounters on a daily basis. You have to be on top of your game, and that means you can’t be distracted. Yet, countless drivers around the city fall prey to one or more of the following distractions all the time.

  • Mobile Phone Usage
  • Searching for Items in the Car
  • Road Rage
  • Eating
  • Putting on Makeup

These are just some of the distractions we have listed but there are many more. Put away the phone and stay calm no matter what happens on the road. Don’t eat in the car, and never put on makeup. All of these things can and should wait until you pull over and into a parking lot. Anything that takes your attention off the road should be banished from your car.

You have control over most of the distractions that happen within your own vehicle. You do not have any control over what is happening in other vehicles though so keep an eye out and stay safe.


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