More than ever before, there now exists a strong focus on formal training due to an era of high litigation and a strong emphasis on Occupational Health & Safety. Employees now seek much more from their staff. They require staff to have professional education and industry training which provides not only immediate benefits, but also long-term financial benefits as well.  Labor Solutions can provide this industry training, that can better your skills, or the skills of your staff, and help lead you in the right path for your future.


Whether you are an employer that requires a specific ticket for your project or job, or an employee, and you want a change in job or just want to build your experience, Labor Solutions can organise the right type of training courses that can help get you there. We will strive to ensure your training needs are met. 


All of our industry training courses are short and certified by a registered RTO. Industry training courses are available at Sydney, Lidcombe and Brookvale. See below for an extensive list of training courses we offer.


Whether you are a candidate looking for work, or an employee looking to provide formal skills for your staff, we are here to assist you. Contact our team to discuss your training needs further. We are committed to providing you with the best training within your industry.


  • RSA: Sydney
  • RCG / RGS: Sydney
  • RSA / RGS: Sydney
  • Bar Skills: Sydney
  • RSA + RCG + Bar Skills
  • RSA + RCG + Coffee
  • Cocktail Skills: Sydney
  • Food & Beverage: Sydney
  • Waiter Training: Sydney
  • Coffee Training: Sydney
  • Food Hygiene: Sydney
  • Food Safety Superior
  • FSS Chinese
  • RSA: NSW online
 Traffic Control
  • Stop/Slow Bat – Blue
  • Traffic Control Plans – Yellow


 Truck Licence
  • Medium Rigid
  • Heavy Rigid
  • Heavy Combination


 Earth Moving Licence
  • Skid Steer Loader (LS)
  • Excavator (LE)
  • Front End Loader (LL)


 Bus Authority
  • NSW Driver Authority for Bus / Coach Drivers
  • Green Card / White Card
  • Asbestos Awareness
 First Aid
  • First Aid Training: Sydney
  • First Aid Re-Certification
  • CPR Training: Sydney
  • First Aid: Asthma
  • Forklift Training: Sydney
  • Forklift RPL Training - Sydney
  • Forklift Assessment - Sydney